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Career and Lifework Planning

Career and Lifework Planning Services are temporarily unavailable.

Thinking about a career or lifework transition but aren’t sure how to accomplish it? Discover a path to a more meaningful and satisfying career by focusing on your unique interests and needs, becoming more self-aware, and finding a more fulfilling life and career. We can assist you with:

  • Specific techniques for researching lifework options
  • Effective strategies for pursuing new opportunities
  • Strategic job search methods
  • Concrete action steps
  • Information about education, training, and professional development options

We use the term "lifework" because it is broader and more holistic than the terms "job" or "career". "Lifework" includes all activities, paid and unpaid, that contribute to the enhancement of one's own life and/or that of others.

Learn more about the lifework planning process and our Lifework Consultant, Janet Pelto.


Individual Consultations

Explore options and determine your next steps during an individual consultation with a lifework consultant tailored to your unique needs. Consultations are $105 for a one-hour session plus the cost of assessments, if necessary.  U of M Alumni Association members and students admitted to CCE credit and noncredit certificate programs pay $85 per session, plus the cost of assessments if necessary.

Learn more about what to expect from an individual consultation.

Call 612-624-4000 to schedule your individual consultation or assessment with a lifework consultant. All appointments are held in Room 20 of Ruttan Hall on the St. Paul campus. Convenient parking is available in the Gortner Ramp.

Career and Lifework Resources

Access a variety of career and lifework exploration and planning tools and resources.

Online Tools

Skill Card Sort - Use this tool to identify and prioritize your skills.

Value Card Sort - Reflect on what is most important to you in a lifework setting.


 Activities for Reflection

  • Career and Lifework Assessment - The questions in this activity can help you look at your situation in a more holistic perspective.
  • Lifework Lifeline - Use this exercise to consider your past as a way to help you find direction in your future.
  • Sources of Satisfaction - Clarify the things in past work situations that have energized you, and those that have depleted you.


Other Tools

Career Related Resources - Select books and Web sites to help you in your lifework transition.

Financial Assistance

You can apply for a scholarship or grant to cover the cost of services. To apply:

  1. Download the application or call 612-624-4000 for an application.
  2. Mail or fax your application at least three weeks prior to your workshop or consultation.
  3. You will be notified by mail of the funding decision within five to seven days.

See Financial Aid  for more information on financial aid and other resources.

Additionally, special discounts are available to:


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