LearningLife offers a wide-ranging, innovative portfolio of high-quality noncredit offerings for those who seek learning experiences that are academically rigorous, intellectually challenging, and both personally and professionally enriching.

Taught by University faculty, and scholars and professionals from the community, LearningLife’s roster of short courses, seminars, and one-day immersions are an invitation to take part in rich, meaningful experiences that highlight the knowledge resources of the University within a community of engaged and active learners.

design thinking

Join us August 1 for Design Thinking when you’ll use the systematic steps of empathy, problem definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing to advance your vision for a personal project of your choosing.


Join us on July 24 for From ICE to Sanctuary Cities: The Myths and Realities of Immigration Enforcement to explore how various immigration laws—city, county, state, and federal—interact and intersect when being enforced.