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Gain perspective on significant moments in history. Learn about people and cultures from around the globe. Prepare for your post-career life. Investigate the latest break throughs in science and technology.

LearningLife offers a high level of academic learning taught by outstanding faculty and community experts at world-class university. Costs range from $15-$160, depending on the number of sessions offered and their length.

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Courses and Events Listing

Summer Short Courses

The History of Here: Exploring Local Neighborhoods
Who lived in your house before you? Before them? Where did they buy candy and milk, worship, nurse a glass of ale? There is a story wherever you live and the best way to learn that history is to use the most essential resource at your disposal: your curiosity. In this unique course, part walking tour, part instructional guide, you'll learn simple tools to discover the unique world in which you live.

Land of Amber Waters: The History of Brewing in Minnesota
Anthony Yoerg, John Orth, August Schell, Jacob Schmahl? You may not know their names, but if you live in Minnesota, you surely know their beers. Minnesota's beer tradition is a storied one that continues to this day with our hopping craft beer scene. Join historian Doug Hoverson and Certified Cicerone Michael Agnew, for this lively exploration of the state's beer history and three craft breweries.

Sweet Summer, The Books of Our Youth: An Intergenerational Book Club
In this tribute to reading, join local authors Julie Schumacher and Geoff Herbach as they lead discussions about the favored books of their youth: The Secret Garden and The Catcher in the Rye. While not required, we invite you to share this experience with a young person, be they a daughter, nephew, grandchild, or friend. (There is no tuition for young people, but they must register with an adult.)

The Chemistry of Taste: Exploring Food and Wine Pairings
The rule is: pair white wine with fish and red wine with beef, right? Are you certain? This course begins with a comprehensive study of the chemistry of flavor before delving into a blind taste experiment featuring a variety of select wines and small plates of the harvest. Join us as we sniff, taste, sample, tally, and share, all in the name of demystifying the complexities of pairing food with wine.

Exploring Relationships: Loneliness, Social Interaction, and Health
Did you know that isolation and loneliness are contributing factors to early mortality? That even the smallest gesture, such as holding someone's hand, can lower blood pressure and reduce pain? In this course, participants will learn about the relationship between loneliness and well-being, and how our social interactions and activities can have a positive influence on our physical and mental health.

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One-day Immersions

Caving in the Cities
Let's go caving! The Twin Cities are home to numerous natural and man-made caves. So don your dirtiest jeans and sturdiest boots, because it's time to go underground in this adventurous one-day immersion led by popular Twin Cities caver and geologist, Greg Brick.

See, Shoot, Edit, Share: Photography Fundamentals for the Beginner
Do you long to take better pictures of your family, friends, and vacations, but feel intimidated by all the little buttons and dials on your camera? Through presentations, a field shoot, image review, and question-and-answer sessions, this one-day immersion will walk even the unsure novice through the steps necessary to create better images.

Churches of Minnesota
Of all the structures on the landscape, both rural and urban, it is possible that churches can tell us more about our story than any other. From towering white steeples to hand-hewn basswood baptismal fonts, join photographer and historian Doug Ohman to visit and learn about the art, architecture, and history of Minnesota churches.

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Summer Morning Seminars

Local Drive: Ford, Overland, Maxwell, and Beyond
Because of its strong manufacturing tradition, excellent rail service, and proven market demand, three national automobile companies once made cars in the Twin Cities. This also generated many spin-off businesses, from auto body and accessory shops to retail dealerships. Join author Brian McMahon to learn about the rich heritage of the automobile in our cities and how it changed the way we live, work, and play.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The Series
"Travel" by air, by rail, and on the open road during this series of three seminars that celebrate the history of transportation in the Twin Cities. From Northwest Airline's age of luxury and innovation and the golden era of the streetcar, to decades of robust automobile manufacturing and sales--transport yourself back in time for a nostalgic look at how we worked, played, and moved about in the 20th century.

What Is the Green Economy and How Do We Grow One?
If it's true that the best things in life are free, why don't we value our most ready capital? Air, water, and land are intrinsically tied to the economy, but don't play a role in government policy. Yet. Simply put: we're drawing down our natural resources and it's time for a new economic structure. Learn what is meant by a "green economy," why it's important to our future, and how to grow such a structure.

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View all events by start date

Crime and Punishment: Noir, New Jersey, North Dakota
Starts: 06/17/2014. three-session course

Sweet Summer, The Books of Our Youth: An Intergenerational Book Club
Starts: 06/30/2014. two-session course

Land of Amber Waters: The History of Brewing in Minnesota
Starts: 07/14/2014. four-session short course

Exploring Relationships: Loneliness, Social Interaction, and Health`
Starts: 07/22/2014. two-session course

Churches of Minnesota
Starts: 07/23/2014. One-Day Immersion

Local Drive: Ford, Overland, Maxwell, and Beyond
Starts: 07/24/2014. Summer Morning Seminar

See, Shoot, Edit, Share: Photography Fundamentals for the Beginner
Starts: 07/30/2014. One-Day Immersion

Caving in the Cities
Starts: 08/04/2014. One-Day Immersion

What is A Green Economy and How Do We Grow One?
Starts: 08/07/2014. Summer Morning Seminar

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Because of the timely nature of Headliners, each month's subject and speaker is announced just weeks before the event. See the Headliners page for details on the next event.

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