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Assignments and Exams

The following information is for students taking courses through the Twin Cities based Online and Distance Learning Program (ODL). If you are in need of proctoring services for a non-ODL course, please contact our office at 612-624-4000 to discuss your options.

Assignment Submission Guidelines

It is a good idea to save a copy of each assignment that you submit. Also, you should review the instructor’s comments on each assignment before you submit another assignment. You can submit assignments either electronically or via printed paper, depending on the type of course.

  • Electronic submission: If your course is online, instructions for submitting assignments are available on the course Web site. If your course is print based, check with your instructor to see if he/she will accept assignments by e-mail.
  • Paper submission: If your course is print based, you will receive pre-printed submission forms and labels with your welcome packet. You should:
    • Fill in and staple a form to the front of each assignment you submit.
    • Mail assignments using the labels provided, or drop them off at the CCE Information Center.


There are two options available for taking exams: making an appointment to take your exam(s) at the College of Continuing Education Exam Center or requesting your exam(s) be sent to another location.

Making an Exam Appointment

Many courses have one or more in-person, supervised (proctored) exams. You should take an exam only after:

  • All course assignments are evaluated and returned to you
  • You have reviewed the instructor's comments

Exam Preparation

To prepare for the exam appointment you should:

  • Arrive early! Check-in begins 15 minutes before the exam start time.
  • Know your section number (B03, A94, etc.)
  • Be aware of exam restrictions (such as the time limit, type of calculators allowed, etc.) by checking the course Website or study guide.
  • Bring picture identification to the exam appointment.
  • Complete and bring a submission form to the appointment.

Taking Exams in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Twin Cities area students should try to take exams at the St. Paul campus office. Please plan ahead to guarantee a spot, as exam space is limited, especially during high demand times. Schedule your exam online at least two days before you want to take the exam. We encourage you to plan out your semester and make appointments well in advance for all of your exams to meet your due dates. Also, please read the exam center policies.

Please call or cancel online if you are unable to make your exam appointment.

20 Ruttan Hall
1994 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
612-624-4000 or 800-234-6564

Exam Schedule

The exam schedule is subject to adjustment due to demand and during holidays. Not all exam sessions are in 20 Ruttan Hall. The online scheduling calendar will list the Ruttan Hall classroom for each exam session. After you schedule, you will also receive an e-mail confirmation with your exam information.

The exam schedule is as follows:

Wednesdays 1:00 p.m.
Thursdays 1:00 p.m.
Fridays 1:00 p.m.
Saturdays 9:00 a.m.**

** There will be no late seating on Saturday mornings; please arrive 15-20 minutes early.

If you receive disability accommodations through the University of Minnesota's Disability Resource Center:

You must take your exam at the Disability Resource Testing Center. Submit the Disability Services Exam Request form to our office and then schedule your exam date directly with the Disability Resource Testing Center.

Taking Exams Outside the Minneapolis - St. Paul Area

If you decide to take an exam at another location, you must:

  • Locate a qualified exam site and an appropriate proctor and make an exam appointment (contact information for U of M coordinate campuses below).
  • Choose an exam date that allows for one to two weeks for ODL to deliver your exam to the selected site. (Priority or overnight mail is not available.)
  • Complete an online Off-Campus Exam form with the appointment details. 
  • Be responsible for any testing fee the proctor may charge.

The exam will be mailed directly to your proctor’s business location once your proctor has been approved.

University of Minnesota campus testing offices:

Crookston: 218-281-8554 or 8557 (fall and spring; 218-281-8681 (summer)
Morris: 320-589-6060 or 1-800-842-0030

Other acceptable proctors:

  • The online/distance learning department of any member institution of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)
  • The online/distance learning or continuing education department at any accredited two- or four-year college or university.
  • Any member institution of the National College Testing Association. Search for an NCTA test center online.
  • Administrative staff or tenured faculty members at an accredited two- or four-year college or university. College library, athletic department staff, teaching assistants, graduate students, adjunct faculty, and laboratory assistants are not considered acceptable proctors.
  • A high school superintendent, principal, or guidance counselor. High school teachers and all K-8 staff are not considered acceptable proctors.
  • A private testing center such as Sylvan, Kaplan, Prometric, etc. (We will need to verify that the specific center you choose offers test proctoring services.)
  • For military students, a commissioned officer (with a higher rank than you) or a non-commissioned officer E-8 or above. You must provide proctor's rank, title, and unit.
  • A corporate education director or human resources director.

Online and Distance Learning (ODL) reserves the right to reject any proctor. No relative, coach, work supervisor, roommate, or immediate employer — regardless of academic qualification — may proctor an examination. We do not allow exams to be proctored in public, private, or university libraries. Additionally, exams may not be proctored by any high school or college-related athletics department staff, advisers, or coaches.

If you are taking a term-based course:

If you are taking a term-based ODL course with multiple exams, you are encouraged to request all of your exams early in the term to ensure that you will be able to take the exams by the scheduled due dates. Be sure to ask your proctor if he or she will be able to proctor all of your exams for the whole semester before requesting them. If he or she cannot guarantee availability to proctor all of your exams over the term, then only request the exams one at a time. Your proctor is not allowed to send your uncompleted exams to another proctor; only ODL staff can do so.

If you are studying or working abroad:

If you will be outside of the United States while taking a course, please locate an appropriate proctor and exam site within the country you will be studying, working, or living as soon as possible. You will need to request your exam(s) using the Off-Campus Exam form. ODL will do our best to get your exam(s) to your proctor in an appropriate amount of time. However, we do ask that you request your exam(s) as early as possible allowing extra time for delivery. Please be sure to include on the request form the proctor’s business e-mail and institution Web address. It is a good idea to request all of your exams at once if you will be outside of the U.S. for the entire course.

Exam Grading Procedures

  • Your graded exam will not be returned; you will only receive the submission form marked with your exam score. The graded exam will be kept on file for nine months.
  • To review a graded exam at the College of Continuing Education Testing Center, make an appointment at least one day in advance.
  • If you took the exam at another location and want to review it at that location, call the Testing Center to discuss arrangements for a new appointment with the exam proctor. Please allow one to two weeks for this option.


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