Innovation Studies Certificate

At a Glance

Level: Graduate
Credits: 16
Schedule: Evenings, some Saturdays, online
Admission: Ongoing

In today's workforce, no single approach remains effective for long. If you want to survive and thrive, you must constantly redefine yourself and your work. By completing this graduate-level certificate, you'll learn to use tools that allow you to become more self-reliant, flexible, and dynamic—for your own personal growth and to the benefit of any organization where you work or belong.

Focus on Your Future

The Innovation Studies Certificate Program is infused with future studies, designed for professionals with lives that center on knowledge, thought, collaboration, decision-making, change management, and leadership. Students come from a variety of backgrounds including business, education, government, nonprofit organizations, health care, entrepreneurs, and the arts. All share an interest in their individual growth, are motivated, and are looking for challenges asking, "How can I make a difference? And what's next?"

What You'll Learn

Drawing on a broad, growing body of interdisciplinary thinking you can explore

  • changes in the nature of work and social institutions;
  • geopolitical and socio-cultural change;
  • ecological and environmental issues;
  • self-development and leadership;
  • imagination, creativity, and invention;
  • chaos and complexity;
  • leadership and change;
  • global leveraging of technology, culture, and foreign policy.

Certificate Benefits

Enhance your knowledge and skills, learn new skills, or begin working toward a graduate degree. This accredited certificate program is

  • designed for working professionals;
  • shorter than a degree program;
  • allows possible transfer of credits to a degree program;
  • offered evening and online;
  • taught by content experts.