Minor Admission

The IT Infrastructure minor will broaden options for students who pursue other undergraduate degrees at the University of Minnesota by providing an industry-identified set of competencies and business skills essential for a career in information technology infrastructure. 


Admission prerequisites for all the ITI minor sub-plans include 45 earned credits plus the following courses:

  • MATH 1271 Calculus I (4.0 cr)
  • CSCI 1103 Introduction to Computer Programming in Java (4.0 cr)
    or CSCI 1113 Introduction to C/C++ Programming for Scientists and Engineers (4.0 cr)
    or CSCI 1133 Introduction to Computing and Programming Concepts (4.0 cr)
  • CSCI 1913 Introduction to Algorithms, Data Structures, and Program Development (4.0 cr)
    or CSCI 1933 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (4.0 cr)
  • CSCI 2021 Machine Architecture and Organization (4.0 cr)
  • CSCI 4211 Introduction to Computer Networks (3.0 cr)


Students can select from six different track options (sub-plans) or design their own curriculum with program assistance.