Alumni Stories

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Making a Difference

October 30, 2016

Ever wonder what it's like to sit on an advisory board for some of the most creative organizations in the Twin Cities?

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Making Their Mark

September 2, 2016

Four 2016 ACL graduates presented their final projects on issues affecting the cultural landscape.

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September 2, 2016

Find out what some motivated IBH students and alumni have been up to recently.

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Alumni Voice: Christopher Bielke

August 5, 2015

“After dropping out of college six years prior to enrolling in the Multidisciplinary Studies (MdS) program, I didn't feel like there was much I could do that would utilize the credits and skills I learned previously without having to start from scratch," says 2014 CCE alum Christopher Bielke.

MBS Alum Tinen Iles

Matters of the Heart

July 24, 2015

Tinen Iles has always been a biology buff with a love for the outdoors. Now, this recent Master of Biological Sciences (MBS) program graduate has combined these passions in her work studying hibernating black bears in northern Minnesota.

Brandon McNellis

Putting It Into Practice

May 9, 2015

Brandon McNellis, the 2015 CCE Commencement student speaker, always knew he wanted to pursue a degree in business, but until the end of his sophomore year, he wasn’t sure of a specific direction. He chose Manufacturing Operations Management (MM) because he saw that this degree would give him a broad preparation for the many areas of business that interest him. The applied nature of the degree gave him real-world relevancy, and the flexibility of it allowed him to pursue a focus on supply chain management.

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Going Places

May 22, 2013

Bernard Gulachek put his undergraduate degree in speech communication to good work at his alma mater--in the IT field. And while at first it may seem off-course, after sitting down with him, one realizes that he is very much a people person, and what he's doing relies as much on communication and soft skills, as it does technology and hardware. 

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Re-imagining what graduate education means to a 21st-century workforce

December 10, 2012

As the marketplace changes and the workforce becomes increasingly competitive, more and more people are discovering a bachelor's degree is no longer enough—an advanced degree is necessary for moving ahead in their current career, or switching fields altogether. 

Falling in Love with the U

Falling in Love with the U

December 10, 2012

Joan T. Smith "fell in love with the U" upon a high school visit and joined the ranks of the University of Minnesota freshman class after finishing high school at the young age of 16. Her father, an accomplished accountant who passed away that year, would have been proud to see her earn a bachelor of science in economics and a master's in accounting. Her mother, an artist at heart who favored watercolor and piano over working in business, knew the importance of following what you love, if only from her own diversion from her passions. Even after her father's death, Joan's mother found a way to put Joan through college. 

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Running Down a Dream

July 10, 2012

If you asked Trinidad native Nyoka Giles 15 years ago where she saw herself in the future, she might have guessed correctly the part about her running collegiately and pursuing a degree that would allow her to help others. The part about doing both in Minnesota--a place that is the (literal) polar opposite of her homeland, though... that wouldn't likely have been her first thought. 

Stephanie Fettig-Scholl

Professionally Powered

November 13, 2011

"Science intrigues me; it keeps me interested. There's always something different to explore every day. It's never the same," says Stephanie Fettig-Scholl, a 2010 graduate of the Master of Biological Science (MBS) degree program. 

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Minding the Gap

October 3, 2011

At the age of eight years old, Josh Dyba fell in love. Or at least in intense fascination. When a friend of his got an Apple II computer, Dyba was instantly intrigued with the new technology and worked diligently to convince his parents he needed one as well.