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The College of Continuing Education (CCE) creates custom e-newsletters for its diverse audience of students, staff, faculty, alumni, donors, and friends of the College. These are sent three times a year. These newsletters offer an ever-changing collection of stories gathered from CCE's undergrad and masters programs and professional development programs. Here you can catch a glimpse of the news happening at CCE as a whole.

June 2017 eNews Stories

  • IBH students with Costa Rican flag

    Integrated Behavioral Health students had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Costa Rica with faculty member Ann Becher-Ingwalson to... more

  • Fiyyaz Karim

    Get to know CCE faculty member, Fiyyaz Karim, who brings a wealth of counseling knowledge and experience to the IBH and ADDC programs.... more

  • Nate Mylrea

    Nate Mylrea combines hard science with soft skills as a team manager at Pace Analytical.

  • Daniel Reinke

    Daniel Reinke shares his experience in the Health Services Management Capstone course, where he and his classmates developed... more

  • Matt Brauer

    Matt Brauer sets a high bar for himself, and he refuses to lower it. That high bar was the reason he decided to pivot away from a... more

  • Mandi Wordes

    For Mandi Wordes, the secret to living a good life is cultivating a healthy body and mind. Now she is about to graduate from the ... more

  • Maria Arboleda

    Maria Arboleda is passionately committed to her work in the Twin Cities’ Latino community. In fact, in her own words, she’s “married to... more

  • Melisa Pesha with medal after a race

    Melisa Pesha joined the National Guard after college and found an unexpected calling while serving her country in Iraq. ... more

  • Bentley Clarke

    For Bentley Clarke, the decision to pursue an education in computer science and IT was a no-brainer. There was something about... more

  • Jillian Wright-Martin

    Jillian Wright-Martin’s call to serve is grounded in her steadfast faith and sense of compassion. “Early on in life I entered the... more

  • Matt Lowe

    Matt Lowe is the kind of technophile who’s drawn to the invisible, buzzing background of what makes technology work. That includes... more

  • MN Landscape Arboretum Director Peter Moe

    Get to know the new director of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Peter Moe.

  • Artist Heidi Jeub in her studio

    Artist, educator, mother, scholar. Heidi Jeub fulfills her roles with talent, passion, and dedication.

  • Costa Rica Group 2017

    Students in the Construction Management program made the trip to Costa Rica to put classroom knowledge to work and earn course... more

  • Deanna DeMay

    Deanna DeMay had been working toward completing her Bachelor’s degree for 10 years at the time when she enrolled in the ... more

  • Kayla Martin

    Kayla Martin's nonprofit board experience positions her to expand an institution's reach and increase engagement.

  • Amanda Talan

    Amanda Talan should wear a cape. She will graduate with not one, but two master’s degrees this spring on top of being a graduate... more

  • Colin Armstead

    The next wave of IT professionals is learning about cyber security and studying ways to make data more secure. We sat down with Colin... more

  • Julie Weisenhorn

    "I was flying over the California coast... Looking down at the redwood forest, I experienced one of those moments of clarity, and my... more

  • Lynn Kiehne

    In order to better serve its students in terms of finding a beneficial internship, the HSM program has added a new cofaculty member, Dr... more

  • Lucas Erickson

    If you live in Minneapolis, you've probably seen Lucas Erickson's artistic influence without realizing it.

  • Abyan Abdisalam

    Abyan Abdisalam is a big-picture kind of person. And that’s not just because she’s a globe-trotting, multicultural woman. She sees... more

  • Yara Grieder

    Yara Grieder likes to keep busy: she’s a community volunteer, an enthusiastic mom, and a positive presence at work. It’s an... more

  • Lamin Manjang

    Lamin Manjang realized he wanted to pursue a career in nursing after a family trip to his mother’s native Liberia in 2012, the... more

  • Yeupheng Vang

    Two factors have contributed to 19-year-old Yuepheng Vang’s accelerated track to professionalism and adulthood. One of these is... more

  • Nicole Rohloff

    Nicole Rohloff is showing her daughter what it means to be a strong, independent woman. She is pursuing her Certificiate in... more

  • Superusted

    ICP alumna Cheryl Wilgren Clyne is breaking ground as a creative leader in the Twin Cities art scene, having curated a highly... more

  • Gail Hudson

    Award-winning television producer Gail Hudson deftly applies her communications savvy to the horticulture field.

January 2017 eNews Stories

  • Faiza Aziz

    Even in her formative educational years, Faiza Aziz knew she wanted to study the biological sciences.

  • Ronn Olson with client

    Ronn Olson found his calling in a second career that puts him on the frontline of addictions counseling.

  • Alex Legeros in uniform

    Alex Legeros wears many hats, but the one that seems to encompass all of his work and studies is that of arts advocate.

  • Dan Halsey with Condonopsis vine

    Dan Halsey combines design sense with horticulture science to create lovely, sustainable gardens. 

  • Elizabeth Stolt

    A single mom in her 40s abandons the corporate life to become a full-time IBH student.

  • First 4 Graduates of HSM Program

    December will mark the graduation of the Health Services Management (HSM) program’s first four graduates. Since enrollment for the... more

  • Aislyn Keyes

    For shark conservationist and biologist Aislyn Keyes, every week is shark week. Find out why she loves these sharp-toothed predators and... more

  • Jon Klinger

    Jon Klinger took an internship at an industrial cleaning equipment manufacturing company and ended up saving up to $5,000 per week in... more

  • Nic Mann

    Nic Mann is an exceptional IT multilinguist because he’s also fluent in the language of business and management. He wanted to hybridize... more

  • Cory Salveson

    Cory Salveson completed his Multidisciplinary Studies degree in the spring of 2014 with a unique focus: the sociology of knowledge... more

  • Jenna Stein

    Jenna Stein knows she's entering into the industry that's meant for her: construction. Read her story and find out how she came to that... more

  • Ashley Fetch

    Ashley Fetch knows guns. Her work at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension involves quality assurance, ethics, and the safety, history,... more

  • CCE Instructor Dick DeBlieck

    With more than 35 years of experience as a consultant in the field and over a decade teaching project management at the University... more

  • Construction Management Milestones

    The University of Minnesota's Construction Management program celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. This... more

  • ThahnVan Vu

    A proud graduate of our Integrated Behavioral Health program returns as a faculty member.

  • Peter Goodwin

    The Construction Management Advisory Board lost a valued board member, Peter Goodwin, who passed at the age of 69.

  • Kris Woll

    “I'm excited to support this talented group of professional students as they curate their ACL experience,” says Kris Woll, our newest... more

  • Minneapolis downtown skyline

    Ever wonder what it's like to sit on an advisory board for some of the most creative organizations in the Twin Cities?

  • keys to success

    The College of Continuing Education has a rich history of opening doors to education for non-traditional learners. Read some of... more

  • Survey Equipment Donation

    Thanks to many generous donations from the Construction Management program's Advisory Board, the program was able to purchase new... more

  • Patrick Redmond

    College of Continuing Education (CCE) alumnus Patrick Redmond (BS ‘73), of Patrick Redmond Design based in Saint Paul, has been... more

  • Liz Hruska

    The job market is more competitive than ever, and it can be overwhelming for new graduates to plunge into after graduation.... more

  • Anne Belde

    When Health Services Management student Anne Belde completed an internship with HealthPartners, she learned about an important issue in... more

  • Baldrige Award

    Sheet metal manufacturer Du Fresne Manufacturing Company (represented on the ... more

  • Hannah Brandt

    “Growing up, hockey was just something fun to do. I guess it was in high school that I realized I might be able to go somewhere with... more

September 2016 eNews Stories

  • Cho Zin Thant

    Cho Zin Thant grew up in Yangon, Myanmar surrounded by stacks of heavy three-ring binders, each one containing volumes of columnar... more

  • Hand writing in notebook photo

    Four 2016 ACL graduates presented their final projects on issues affecting the cultural landscape.

  • bike path

    Find out what some motivated IBH students and alumni have been up to recently.

  • Debra Wamsley

    Debra Wamsley brings a wealth of addiction studies knowledge and experience as a clinician to the College.

  • Sue McClernon

    Sue McClernon, the HSM Faculty Director, took a moment to talk about the program, responding to questions like how the HSM program... more

  • Richard Traugott

    “I was originally drawn to horticulture because I was fascinated by the science,” says Richard Traugott. “An... more

  • Cale Nordmeyer head shot

    “I’ve always loved the microscopic world. I don’t know how you can go out in nature and not be enthralled by the diversity that... more

  • three stacked stones

    Recent advancements in neuroscience, pharmacotherapy, and clinical practice are changing the way addictions professionals counsel their... more

  • Barb Yungers

    For nine years, Barb Yungers stared hard at a graduation tassel that hung on the bulletin board by her desk at work. Functioning... more

  • Tanya Line

    Tanya Line, 2016 student commencement speaker, turned a personal interest in addiction into a lasting educational... more

  • Tansey Cregan

    Tansey Cregan doesn’t back down from a challenge. When she decided to enroll in the University of Minnesota’s ... more

  • Arvin Tolibas

    When he looks back on his experience in the ITI Program, Tolibas says he was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and expertise... more

  • Collin Coltman

    Coltman explains, “By building green, sustainable buildings we are shaping the people who live or work in them to be more... more

  • Alex Leeds

    Five years ago, Alex Leeds had no plans to attend college and waged war with his parents over the issue. This spring, he will... more