Annual Minnesota Policy Conference

31st Annual Minnesota Policy Conference
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Continuing Education and Conference Center, St. Paul, Minnesota 

“Wicked problems are devilishly complex—they involve many stakeholders, change with every attempt you make to address them, and have no precedent on which to base your attack.” – Harvey Schacter

“I was thinking of installing one of those automatic garage door openers over the weekend. The directions say, ‘make certain the garage door is square and straight and the garage floor is level.’ Directions always read like that. Is everything in your house straight, square and level? If my house was straight, square and level, I would never have to fix anything. What we all need are directions that tell us what to do when everything is crooked, off-center and all screwed up.” – Andy Rooney

About the Conference

Minnesota is facing a wide variety of “wicked opportunities.” Will our current policies seize these opportunities to increase the health and vibrancy of our state in the future? This year’s conference examines how policy can turn wicked problems into wicked opportunities. 

Why You Should Attend

This conference provides an opportunity for individuals involved in policy work to explore wicked opportunities facing Minnesotans through a number of lenses—analysis and research; policy design and implementation; evaluation and refinement—and consider the political and practical aspects of proposed strategies. Participants will be able to take lessons learned in areas such as analysis, design, and evaluation to their own policy work. 

Who Should Attend

The conference brings together people involved in informing, designing, and developing policy impacting Minnesotans, including individuals in government, education, business or nonprofit organizations; students of all ages; or others interested in Minnesota’s future. 

College of Continuing Education, University of Minnesota

Center for Policy Design
Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota
Citizens League
Civic Caucus
Hamline University School of Business
Hennepin County
Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
League of Minnesota Cities
Management Analysis & Development (MAD)
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan State University
Wilder Research

Founded by
Economic Resource Group

For Registration Questions
Contact 612-625-2900

For Program Questions
Contact Maddie Grover at or 612-624-4938