Anthony Osifuye

ICP Degree Concentrations: Health and Wellness Thematic, Pre-Med

"After working in a grocery store in high school, I knew I wanted a health and nutrition focus to my college studies and eventual career. I saw customers who would come through with mostly processed convenience food items, as opposed to some of the healthier items. I noticed a pattern over time of individuals who were on food stamps and aid making these choices.

It spurred an interest in health disparities across socioeconomic groups, and so when I was looking at degree plans, I wanted a focus where I could combine public health, nutrition, and medicine, and make an impact.

That's why the Health and Wellness thematic option of the Inter-College Program (ICP) was perfect. This way, I could look at the health and nutrition idea from different angles, from all across the U. From social science to physical and biological allowed me to develop a very comprehensive picture.

My career goal is to go into the medical field, ideally working in an underserved population with a diverse community.

My Inter-College Program degree gives me broader background that will help me do that kind of community work and be a stakeholder in the community, in addition to giving me the course work in the hard sciences.

I think my unique degree path will also be an advantage when the time comes to apply to med school. Graduate schools look at what you choose to do, and they see a lot of the biology and other hard sciences. I think an individualized degree, with a variety of courses, it makes me stand out a bit. It isn't a typical program."