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June 14, 2017

A pretty woman holds a small Earth in her hand and takes a large, messy bite out of it.

Professor Emeritus Jim Bowyer’s experiences in forestry, wood science, and manufacture of wood products span from Wyoming’s Black Hills National Forest to the Vietnam War. “The fact of the matter is that people and environments all over the world are impacted by first-world consumption, and often negatively.”

silhouette of a man, filled with colorful abstract imagery

“That's how stress tends to get you,” says Traci Mann, professor of Social and Health Psychology, U of M. “It adds up slowly over time. You don't need one giant stressor to cause the health problems associated with stress.”

IBH students with Costa Rican flag

Integrated Behavioral Health students had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Costa Rica with faculty member Ann Becher-Ingwalson to explore the culture and learn about how they deliver different types of social services. 

April 26, 2017

Patricia Hampl

Patricia Hampl previews her upcoming book, The Art of the Wasted Dayin which she investigates not only leisure, daydreaming, and a slower pace, but also the essay form and its ever-musing master, Montaigne. 

A honeybee collects pollen in a close-up picture of a flower.

Gary Johnson, professor of Urban and Community Forestry, sees many positive contributions being implemented to preserve Minnesota's chief pollinators: bees.

March 15, 2017

Sigmund Freud

Everyone knows that the future of education is online. Refusing to accept this notion, one professor makes a valiant (and uproarious) effort to stem the rising tide by teaching an entire semester of Psych 101 in just 90 minutes.

Costa Rica Group 2017

Students in the Construction Management program made the trip to Costa Rica to put classroom knowledge to work and earn course credits. Their end goal during the three-week stay: to draft proposals for two projects and present them to stakeholders for potential execution. One of the projects was a nursing home expansion, the other a community center addition.

On March 11 LearningLife, in partnership with the U’s Department of Neuroscience and the Brain Conditions arm of MnDRIVE, will present a one-day immersion that celebrates the human brain. 

February 22, 2017

MELP Student Orientation Leaders

Adapting to a new culture is always a challenge, but for 58 international students arriving at the U of M last January to join the Minnesota English Language Program (MELP), the transition was made quite a bit easier. That was thanks to eight current MELP students who volunteered their time over winter break to be Student Orientation Leaders for the newcomers. 

February 16, 2017

Mark Lanterman

"I frequently tell people that when you gain convenience as a result of new technology or a new device, your ability to maintain your privacy diminishes," says cyber-security specialist Mark Lanterman.