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February 22, 2017

MELP Student Orientation Leaders

Adapting to a new culture is always a challenge, but for 58 international students arriving at the U of M last January to join the Minnesota English Language Program (MELP), the transition was made quite a bit easier. That was thanks to eight current MELP students who volunteered their time over winter break to be Student Orientation Leaders for the newcomers. 

February 16, 2017

Mark Lanterman

"I frequently tell people that when you gain convenience as a result of new technology or a new device, your ability to maintain your privacy diminishes," says cyber-security specialist Mark Lanterman.

Lynn Kiehne

In order to better serve its students in terms of finding a beneficial internship, the HSM program has added a new cofaculty member, Dr. Lynn Kiehne, who will be assisting HSM Faculty Director Sue McClernon, in the placement of HSM students in internships that fit student ambition. Dr. Kiehne has more than 38 years of experience in the health care industry, and is passionate about health care administration and academic health care.


If any city in the world is defined by its geographical surroundings, one could easily argue that the northern Italian city of Venice is, and that geography is water: a lagoon (the Venetian), two rivers (the Po and the Piave), and a sea (the Mediterranean). 

Laura Kalambokidis

“We do an economic and budget forecast twice a year, in November and February,” says Laura Kalambokidis, professor of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. “The forecast will tell you what we think is going on in the state economy and labor markets, with personal and business incomes, and how these influence the budget that the state government has to work with.”

January 6, 2017

David Alter

"I believe we live in a time of unprecedented potential for living well and cultivating good long-term health," Dr. Alter asserts. But our present world is evolving rapidly and new information transmits at a frenetic pace. "Therefore, to attain the benefits of what is now possible, we have to be very focused, very disciplined, and very passionate about making the kinds of choices that open the doors to good physical, mental, and lifestyle health and wellness."

CCE Instructor Dick DeBlieck

With more than 35 years of experience as a consultant in the field and over a decade teaching project management at the University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing Education (CCE), Dick sees project management as the key to achieving business—and personal—success.

Construction Management Milestones

The University of Minnesota's Construction Management program celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. This condensed timeline showcases some of the program's milestones.

November 21, 2016

Fifteen years ago a group of software developers met to discuss “lightweight,” less process-driven alternatives to the standard project management methodology embraced by business. Out of that meeting came the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, which serves as the basis for Agile practice today. Emphasizing phased development and cross-functional team organization, Agile is traditional project management’s swifter cousin for the less-predictable, less-structured design environment.

November 14, 2016

ThahnVan Vu

A proud graduate of our Integrated Behavioral Health program returns as a faculty member.