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MELP 300x300

In this short video, international MELP students share what they like to eat on campus, from falafel to pizza. 

Light Rail 300x300

In this short video, international MELP students share how they get around campus, from bikes to buses. 

July 11, 2016


U of M's astrophysicist Bob Gehrz studies the universe and specializes in infrared astronomy.

June 27, 2016

Sue McClernon

Sue McClernon, the HSM Faculty Director, took a moment to talk about the program, responding to questions like how the HSM program prepares students to tackle grand challenges and how the internship requirement guarantees students’ problem solving in the real world.

vintage rock and roll

Music geeks: get schooled in Minnesota's explosive musical history, from exciting new bands to ambitious studios and radio stations.

May 31, 2016

three stacked stones

Recent advancements in neuroscience, pharmacotherapy, and clinical practice are changing the way addictions professionals counsel their clients. 

May 18, 2016

Wewerka's church

Smartphone cameras make it easier than ever to record the moments of our lives. Steve Wewerka helps amateur photographers master their phone's software to preserve their best images.

water pollution

Humanity has proven itself capable of many great and terrible things: we've developed inspiring art and set foot on the moon. But what did we think would happen when we replaced our pollinator fields and natural habitats with factories and parking lots?


Sleep renders us physically vulnerable for a third of each day. Some animals sleep at night, others can only let half their brain sleep at a time. And what are dreams all about? Dr. Michael Howell clues us in.

Jack El-Hai

True crime writing holds the potential for any number of narrative perspectives and a focus on character development, as Jack El-Hai will explain.