Congratulations 2016 Grads!

Here's to a bright future for the 278 College of Continuing Education students graduating this year. Here are just some of their stories.

  • Hannah Brandt

    “Growing up, hockey was just something fun to do. I guess it was in high school that I realized I might be able to go somewhere with... more

  • Scott Brownlee

    Scott Brownlee was in an enviable position. He grew up in a nice suburb of Minneapolis, had a successful career, a wife, two kids, and a... more

  • Collin Coltman

    Coltman explains, “By building green, sustainable buildings we are shaping the people who live or work in them to be more... more

  • Tansey Cregan

    Tansey Cregan doesn’t back down from a challenge. When she decided to enroll in the University of Minnesota’s ... more

  • Jeremiah Cunningham

    Construction Management student Jeremiah Cunningham combines wild pollinator research with environmental consciousness and construction... more

  • Sebhat Gebrechristos1

    What do beer, yogurt, and bread have in common? Aside from being snacks you can make at home, they all benefit from optimal fermentation... more

  • Sarah Guy-Levar

    In 2007, when Sarah Guy-Levar became executive director of the Dorothy Molter Museum in Ely, MN, she realized the job came with a... more

  • Kanut Laoharawee

    Fascinated by bugs, plants, and animals as a child, Kanut Laoharawee would crush leaves in his hands simply to see them crumble and to... more

  • Alex Leeds

    Five years ago, Alex Leeds had no plans to attend college and waged war with his parents over the issue. This spring, he will... more

  • Tanya Line

    Tanya Line, 2016 student commencement speaker, turned a personal interest in addiction into a lasting educational... more

  • Cho Zin Thant

    Cho Zin Thant grew up in Yangon, Myanmar surrounded by stacks of heavy three-ring binders, each one containing volumes of columnar... more

  • Arvin Tolibas

    When he looks back on his experience in the ITI Program, Tolibas says he was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and expertise... more

  • Barb Yungers

    For nine years, Barb Yungers stared hard at a graduation tassel that hung on the bulletin board by her desk at work. Functioning... more