Construction Management Profiles

  • Nolan Rinta

    By the time Nolan Rinta reached the end of this sophomore year, he was still determining what his major would be. It wasn’t until he sat down with his adviser, Megan Seltz, that he became aware of... more

  • Jenna Stein

    Jenna Stein knows she's entering into the industry that's meant for her: construction. Read her story and find out how she came to that certain conclusion.

  • Yeupheng Vang

    Two factors have contributed to 19-year-old Yuepheng Vang’s accelerated track to professionalism and adulthood. One of these is Vang’s experience in the U.S. Army Reserve, and the other, his... more

  • Jeremiah Cunningham

    Construction Management student Jeremiah Cunningham combines wild pollinator research with environmental consciousness and construction through an internship with Xcel Energy, Inc.
    ... more

  • Tayler M and Carrie A

    Carrie Arndt and her daughter Tayler Matzke enjoy a unique mother-daughter bond that’s been forged and strengthened through construction. By learning about construction processes­­, drawing up... more

  • Tansey Cregan

    Tansey Cregan doesn’t back down from a challenge. When she decided to enroll in the University of Minnesota’s ... more

  • Collin Coltman

    Coltman explains, “By building green, sustainable buildings we are shaping the people who live or work in them to be more thoughtful and sustainable, too. This is one main reason why I’m... more

  • Ann Jacklitch photo

    Construction Management alumna, Ann Jacklitch, uses an interdisciplinary team approach to build career success. As she turned 50, and her youngest child graduated from high school, Ann... more