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Welcome to the new edition of the Continuing Education and Conference Center eNewsletter! We hope everyone's getting ready to enjoy an enthusiastic summer. The Saint Paul University Campus is especially beautiful during this time of year, as a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers burst into bloom. This wonderful display can capture the attention of even the most study-burdened student and provides a wonderfully refreshing distraction.

As the environment refreshes and reinvigorates itself, so does the Continuing Education and Conference Center in its pursuit of service and customer satisfaction. Read on to learn about all we’re doing to improve your experience and support outstanding meetings and events.

Facility Update

Keeping the Continuing Education and Conference Center in good repair is no small task. The College of Continuing Education and the U of M’s Facilities Management invest significantly to ensure the conference center meets customer and University expectations.

In the past we’ve updated you on the interior renovations to the conference center, but this summer will see the replacement and reconstruction of our pedestrian bridge access. The bridge is located near the vehicle turnaround at the northeast corner of the conference center. This renovation will begin in early summer and be completed in August. We don’t anticipate any noise disturbance for meetings and events in the conference center.

The pedestrian bridge is the primary location for shuttle drop-offs and handicap accessibility. Conference center planning staff will keep you updated on alternate points of access for events during the construction period. Please feel free to call me at 612-624-2777 with any concerns beyond what the Continuing Education and Conference Center staff are able to address.

Pricing Update

Creating value is an important value for the Continuing Education and Conference Center! We strive to improve and enhance the customer experience, particularly through our dining facility, continuously working to balance quality, selection, and pricing.

Right now the Full Day Foodservice Package is $23.65 per person. The Board of Regents has recently approved a 2.5% increase on this, coming into effect July 1, 2017. The new price will be $24.25 per person, which is still an excellent value for what we provide.

Additionally, the Room Meeting packages will also increase by approximately 3%. Here is what the new package pricing will look like:

External RMP
Full Day $15.25
Half Day and Evening $12.00

University RMP
Full Day $13.50
Half Day and Evening $11.00

Planning Checklist

The Continuing Education and Conference Center provides a handy checklist for meeting planners. Having a hard time juggling all the resources and participants for your major event? Take a look at the list we’ve drawn up: make sure all your I’s are dotted and T’s crossed, and maybe find some inspiration to add to your gathering. You’ll find we’ve thought of everything, from setting up the committee members and contracting the speakers, to budget tracking and food orders.

CCE Conference Planning Task List

Professional Development Opportunities

We hear a lot about professional development, but why is it so important? Why rock the boat? Don’t fix something that ain’t broke, right?

Here’s another little maxim, enjoying currency on the internet: “Life comes at you fast.” Every aspect of the modern world is rapidly evolving, and failing to keep up with the changes means being left behind. In your own profession, new information and unforeseen factors are rewriting everything from industry standards to the near-term future. Playing it safe no longer means staying in place: the status quo is anticipating what comes next, staying up to date.

When you pursue professional development, several things happen. You show your administration you’re invested in their company. You become an asset to your coworkers, a resource they can count on for support and better information. Not only are you preparing for emergencies and unimagined developments, you’re grooming yourself for advancement… or a better position elsewhere, in a new direction, with other go-getters like you. It’s something to think about.

Check out some of the great professional development courses and certificates available at the College of Continuing Education. A few topic areas include Agile, business analysis, business process, project management, management, human resources, and more!

See all professional development courses.

See professional development certificates.

Meeting Planner Resources

With everything else you have to plan and organize and arrange… filling out a request for proposal (RFP) can feel like another tedious step. What is it good for?

An RFP can serve as a useful organizational method to clarify your requirements. It helps you bear in mind the logistics behind your vision, framing the event in concrete terms, perhaps to anticipate potential obstacles that hadn’t emerged in planning the meeting previously. Additionally, it brings all of your coordinating members together, ensuring your entire committee is of one mind on requirements and expectations. When this is accomplished, you’re all speaking from the same page to your convention center, with no mixed message or crossed wires.

Feel free to look through the Continuing Education and Conference Center’s RFP, see if it sparks any ideas about getting down to the brass tacks for your next event.

Visit the University of Minnesota's Conference and Events Services for more information.

Request for Proposal

Request a proposal today and get our handy 20-year planning calendar! We respond to all requests within one business day.

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