The Continuing Education and Conference Center offers tiered pricing based on your business or organization, including external organizations and University of Minnesota colleges and departments.

Room Meeting Packages (RMP)

RMP pricing includes the general session room, the use of an LCD projector, flipchart with paper, markers and tape, one Ethernet line and a podium with microphone. One breakout space is included for every 50 people with a maximum of three breakout spaces.
Note: Any additional audiovisual equipment, with the exception of personal computers, must be obtained through the conference center.

We can also customize meeting packages; please call 612-624-3275 for pricing.

Room Meeting Packages*

RMP Options External Pricing U of M Pricing
Full Day (8 a.m.−5 p.m.) $15.25 per person $13.50 per person
Evening (6 p.m. − 10 p.m.) $12.00 per person $11.00 per person

Food Service Packages (FSP)*

A full-day FSP includes the A.M. break (continental breakfast), buffet lunch, P.M. break, and continuous beverage service until 3:30 p.m. Food service requests outside of the designated times will incur additional catering charges.

Food Service Packages Pricing – same for all groups
Full Day $24.25 per person
AM Break (7:30−9:30 a.m.) $8.05 per person
Lunch (11:30 a.m.−12:30 p.m.) $11.80 per person
PM Break (1:30−3:30 p.m.) $5.45 per person
AM/PM Breaks $13.10 per person
AM Break with Lunch $19.70 per person
PM Break with Lunch $16.65 per person

Please note:
All food and beverage charges are subject to a 7.125% sales tax.

*The prices listed will go into effect on July 1, 2017. If you would like the current pricing please call us at 612-624-3275.

Attendee Prepurchased Lunch Option

The Continuing Education and Conference Center has partnered with University Dining Services (UDS) to offer a prepurchase lunch option to those that will not be offering lunches as part of their meeting package to attendees. Upon request, UDS will provide a link to their website where attendees can choose and pay for their own lunches before the event. This prepurchase option can remain open until four days prior to the program, at which point catering will finalize the lunch orders that have been purchased for attendees.

UDS prepurchase meal options can be viewed on their website

Please talk to your conference center representative if requesting this option.

The following Flat Rate Pricing is for additional breakout spaces or evening rental only.

Complete Meeting Package