An internship provides students with hands-on experience working within their industry, helping them prepare for the transition to employment within the industry. While not all CCE programs require internships, internships are an option for many programs. The U's Career and Internship Services office helps CCE students in degrees and credit-based certificates explore the possibilities.


  • Individual appointments with experienced career counselors
  • Career interest assessments to clarify goals
  • Daily drop-in résumé, curriculum vitae, and cover letter critiques
  • Job and internship search coaching
  • Practice interviews and interview coaching
  • Graduate school research assistance and review of essay applications
  • Career fairs (industry-specific and campus-wide)
  • On-campus employer interviews


  • Over 18 online career workshops on a variety of topics
    • Of particular interest to students in individualized degree programs is the online workshop Marketing Your Individualized Degree
  • Extensive career library (includes over 300 books, handouts, and reference guides)
  • Online job and internship listings (includes past student internships websites)
  • List of career information websites
  • Career courses on effective job search strategies
    • CFAN/ICP 3201 Career and Internship Preparation
    • CFAN/APS/DES 5201 Career Preparation for Graduate Students