Encore Transitions

Hosted by LearningLife, Encore Transitions is a pioneering series of courses designed to help you imagine and prepare for a successful post-career life by focusing on personal, professional, and social satisfaction, as well as timely financial and health matters. Whether through service, learning, creative endeavors, a new line of work, or other meaningful activities, Encore Transitions emphasizes post-career engagement as a foundation for vitality, happiness, and healthy longevity.

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Featured courses

Design Thinking
Start Date: August 1, 2017 Short course
Instructor: Virajita Singh
An emerging field, “Design Thinking” takes design concepts out of professional realms and applies them to broader society. Because the process involves collective thinking and taps the creative ideas of the many rather than the few, it’s proven to be beneficial for individuals working toward expansive or specific goals. In this course, you’ll use the systematic steps of Design Thinking to advance your vision for a personal project of your choosing.

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Comments from Past Participants

The course helped me further develop my plans and think about how I will manage my retirement.

Coming into the course I was thinking I wanted to retire ASAP. The thought-provoking sessions made me come to realize that I don't want to quit, I just want to have more control of when and where I work.

Interesting and inspiring to hear about the possibilities. And that everyone takes their own path.