While the College's history reaches back to 1913, one of its current program areas - LearningLife - goes back "only" a modest five decades. Oh, but what a perfect decade it was for the College to start a movement. And, a movement it was, a movement to give lifelong learners the chance to see the world from new perspectives, follow their passions, or create for themselves a new beginning. Over the years, a changing slate of offerings emerged, each specifically designed to meet the needs of the time. 

"With all the media available to us today, it's become so easy to talk to ourselves, to miss out on a chance for dialogue," says Headliners discussion series regular Dr. Theodore Nagel. "The airwaves (and newspapers) are filled with people more or less shouting over each other, everything from Rush Limbaugh to the cast of "The View." It's nice to attend an event [like Headliners] where the audience can ask questions and experts can elucidate things in a true exchange of ideas."