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We hope you enjoyed the 2014−2015 Headliners season. We managed to cover a lot of ground in seven evenings—education and innovation, Ebola and zoonotic diseases, Paleofantasy and evolution, the shifting tides of global terrorism, a geological perspective of precious-metal deposits in northeastern Minnesota, the future of robots and sensors…

And if you missed the fabulous discussion about Contemporary Fiction and the Modern Security State with award-winning author and Edelstein-Keller Professor in Creative Writing Charles Baxter, you can always experience it or listen to past Headliners (those you missed, those you loved, those that confounded)—here.

Whether you’re walking on a beach, swinging in a hammock, or traveling to “the lake” in a car, it’s a nice way to tide you over until October when we launch Headliners’ tenth season.

We hope we will have the privilege of hosting you then. 

2015–16 season | Oct 8, Nov 5, Dec 3, Feb 4, March 3, April 7, and May 5 | 7 p.m.

Series registration is now open.

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