Requirements and Courses

Core Requirements: 37-38 Credits Total

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Course Name Course Number Credits Offered
Career Skills in the Professional Environment for Juniors and Seniors
Career and Internship Preparation
ABUS 3051
every semester
fall and spring
Health Economics and Policy PUBH 3801 3 fall and spring
Dynamics of Leadership ABUS 4041 3 every semester
Health Care Delivery Systems HSM 3521 3 fall and spring
Health Care Administration and Management HSM 4561 3 fall and spring
Health Care Finance (prereq accounting knowledge; Microsoft Excel) HSM 4541 3 fall and spring
Health Care Quality and Patient Safety (preferred)
Introduction to Quality Management (if taken before fall 2017)
HSM 4301
ABUS 3301
fall and spring
fall and spring
Health Informatics I HINF 5430 3 fall only
Legal, Ethical, and Risk Issues for Managers ABUS 4013W 3 fall and spring
Health Care Law and Ethics HSM 4591 3 fall and spring
Human Resources in Health Care Settings HSM 4531 3 fall and spring
Health Services Management Internship HSM 4596 3 spring
Leadership and Business Planning in Health Care: Capstone HSM 4861 3 fall and spring

Major Electives (22-23 credits minimum to reach 60 in major)

Students can customize their education by selecting at least 22-23 credits from many technical elective options in such areas as health and wellness, health system administration, health care information management, health care interpreting, public health, addiction studies, and private practice management. See the U of M catalog for a full listing. Qualified students can complete the coursework required by the State of Minnesota to become licensed as a Long-Term Care Administrator through the University's Center for Aging Services Management as part of this major.

Here is a general four-year Sample Plan to help you map your degree.

Additional Requirements and Foundation Coursework

Your plan will include Liberal Education and Writing Intensive requirements plus lower division foundation coursework in statistics, oral communication, personal and community health, economics, accounting, and health sciences terminology. While you can transfer credits from other institutions, 30+ of your 120 credits (at a GPA of 2.0+) must be at the U of M, including 24 after admission.

Recommended Psychology Course

Though not required, it is strongly recommended that you include one of the following four-credit psychology courses in your plan: MGMT 4002 Managerial Psychology or PSY 1001 Introduction to Psychology