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Land Grant University Taxpayer Education Foundation

The University of Minnesota is a member of the Land Grant University Taxpayer Education Foundation, Inc. (LGUTEF), a nonprofit organization that conducts tax education programs for professional tax practitioners. Course material is from the National Income Tax Workbook, which is used at workshops, institutes, seminars, and forums attended by over 25,000 tax professionals in more than 25 states.

Visit the LGUTEF website for helpful tax research sites.

University of Minnesota Tax Course Support

The U of M tax courses are the only statewide courses developed and delivered in cooperation with the IRS and the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

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Partner Agencies

Other agencies the University works in partnership with include:

Affordable Health Care Act Online Resources

Find helpful information on health care law updates for individuals and families, and employers.

Publication 5093 Health Care Law Online Resources

Identity Theft Resources

Important information regarding combating identity theft.

Minnesota Society of Enrolled Agents

The Minnesota Society of Enrolled Agents is composed of accounting and tax professionals who advocate for taxpayer rights and work to enhance the professional reputation of enrolled agents.

Minnesota Tax Court

The Minnesota Tax Court provides timely and equitable disposition of appeals of orders issued by the Commissioner of Revenue and local property tax valuations, classification, equalization, and/or exemptions.

Minnesota Administrative Rules, Chapter 8610, Tax Court Rules of Procedure

United States Tax Court

The United States Tax Court was established by Congress under Article I of the U.S. Constitution. When the Commissioner of Internal Revenue determines a tax deficiency, taxpayers may dispute the deficiency in the U.S. Tax Court before paying any disputed amount.

Additional Rulings and Cases

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