Income Tax Short Courses and Registration

Income Tax Short Course

Tax practitioners attending the Income Tax Short Course will

  • appreciate the value of ethical behavior;
  • become aware of legislative changes to federal tax law and implementing regulations;
  • review basic tax law and its application to selected situations;
  • be better able to deal with individual taxpayer and business tax issues;
  • be able to develop a tax research process;
  • be able to apply recent court rulings and cases in their practices;
  • become familiar with changes in Minnesota tax law;
  • satisfy continuing education requirements.

Topics covered in the 2015 workbook

  • New legislation that affects tax returns for 2015 and future years
  • Rulings and cases issued from September 2014 through August 2015
  • Mandates for the Affordable Care Act including both the individual mandate and mandates for employers 
  • Individual taxpayer issues including mortgage interest, Schedule K-1 (Form 1041), gift tax returns, innocent spouse rules, and more
  • Business issues such as net investment income tax grouping considerations, per diem rules for travel expenses, and controlled groups
  • Agricultural and natural resource issues including livestock transactions, farmer net investment income, inherited property, and Commodity Credit Corporation loans
  • Business entities covering selection of business entity, allocation of partnership liabilities, and more for clients who own small businesses and entities
  • IRS issues including trust fund recovery and the IRS’s “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams
  • Ethics including a case study approach to address ethical issues in light of Circular 230 rules
  • Repair Regulations including guidance on accounting policies and filing Form 3115, as well as a decision tree to help practitioners comply with the rules
  • Retirement covering common retirement tax issues such as non-qualified annuities, sale of business following retirement, and more
  • Updated income tax rates and other rates and thresholds that change

View a detailed list of topics from the 2015 National Income Tax Workbook.

Comprehensive course materials

Your course materials will include

  • 2015 National Income Tax Workbook;
  • Minnesota Department of Revenue Individual Income Tax Manual;
  • bonus CD with multiple years of tax workbooks in a searchable format.  

If you can't attend the course but would like a copy of the materials, call 612-624-4000 to order.

73rd Annual Income Tax Short Course
Fees Professional Credits

$310     Early bird fee (four weeks before the event)
$365     Regular fee
$199     VITA volunteers

16  CPE hours or CFP credits: 2 ethics hours, 3 federal tax law hours, 10 federal tax update hours, 1 hour MNDOR*
13 CLE hours

*The MN Tax hour will not be reported to the IRS.


73rd Annual Income Tax Short Course
Locations Dates
Brooklyn Park
Edinburgh, USA
November 2−3, 2015 (CLOSED)
Saint Cloud
St. Cloud Civic Center
November 3−4, 2015 (CLOSED)
Grand Rapids
Sawmill Inn
November 4−5, 2015 (CLOSED)
Detroit Lakes
M State Campus - Detroit Lakes
November 5−6, 2015 (CLOSED)
Kahler Apache hotel
November 9−10, 2015 (CLOSED)
Mankato City Center Hotel
November 10−11, 2015 (CLOSED)
Ramada Inn - Marshall
November 11−12, 2015 (CLOSED)
Holiday Inn Owatonna
November 16−17, 2015 (CLOSED)
South Metro
Eagan Community Center
November 23−24, 2015 (CLOSED)
Saint Paul
Continuing Education Conference Center
January 8−9, 2016
ONLINE                                                 December 14, 2015−May 31, 2016

 To register by mail or fax, fill out the registration form and follow mailing instructions on upper right hand corner.

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