Career Outlook

Earnings at a Glance

  • $99,100 is the annual mean salary of computer network architects 
  • $91,010 is the annual mean salary of information security analysts 
  • $89,080 is the annual mean salary of database administrators
  • $89,190 is the annual mean salary of computer systems analysts 

Source: US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015 Minnesota data)

A Healthy Industry

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that IT will be the fastest-growing sector of the economy through at least 2018, reaching $1.7 trillion in 2016. Employment of computer network, systems, and database administrators is expected to increase much faster than the average (28−31%) through 2018. This robust employment market is fueled by the global explosion in business dependence on IT and newer and faster technologies in areas such as cloud computing, service architectures, virtualization, green computing, mobile networks, and data collection.

To maximize benefits of this “hard” technology in today’s economy, employers require multitalented individuals who can work in multidisciplinary teams. They are looking for highly qualified IT staffers who also have solid business acumen and well-developed “soft” skills such as writing and speaking, problem solving, adaptability, and the ability to learn independently to meet constant technological change.

Graduate Outcomes

CCE graduates aim high. The hard work and expertise gained here result in sought-after positions around the country.

Below is a snapshot of information we collected about our ITI alumni in the first year after graduation (figures are averages of the years 2010−2015).

  • Paid employment: 92%
  • Closely/somewhat related to major: 92%
  • Median income: $56,245
  • Very/moderately satisfied with job: 86%

Here are just some of the positions our graduates were able to secure:

Programmer Analyst Computer Systems Manager DevOps Engineer
Software Engineer Senior Network Security Engineer Business Development Manager
Systems Analyst Systems Engineer IT Business Analyst
Software Developer Technical Specialist IT Database Support

Additional Resources

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