An optional internship provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with professionals and get an insider’s view of information technology infrastructure in the workplace. Students acquire technical skills, apply classroom learning, and prepare for the transition from school to full-time ITI employment.

Students seeking credit for the internship are expected to find employment that primarily draws upon the intern’s academic knowledge in technical and management level tasks, and allows for new learning in these areas.

Note: It is acceptable to design a credit-bearing internship if you already are employed in an IT job. For the ITI internship, submit a proposal that summarizes duties that will enable you to apply your coursework to develop new skills and abilities, and obtain your employer’s approval for these duties.


  • 45 semester credits completed
  • Admitted to the ITI major or certificate


1. Identify your goals. Which particular ITI area interests you most--network administration, systems administration, data mangement, etc.? Many students use this step as an opportunity to build a résumé with a highlighted focus.

2. Secure the position (if needed), using the following suggested resources:

3. Obtain an internship job description (if available) for attachment to the Internship Agreement form.

4. Locate a member of the faculty and obtain his or her agreement to work with you. Your faculty adviser will assist you in completing the Internship Agreement form: credit load, learning objectives, and deliverables. If your internship is occurring in a job you currently hold, your adviser is essential in helping you determine the nature and scope of your internship.

5. Contact the ITI internship coordinator, Lynn Cross, at

Directed Study Option

If you have a project in mind which does not involve an employer, you may instead enroll in a Directed Study (INet 4193). A Directed Study is a self-designed research project. It will typically have a credit level of 1 or 4 credits and will include delivery of a paper and a presentation.

For further information, contact APS Program Administrator Lynn Cross,