ITI Profiles

  • Bentley Clarke

    For Bentley Clarke, the decision to pursue an education in computer science and IT was a no-brainer. There was something about technology that had always intrigued him. “Ever since I was a kid, I... more

  • Matt Lowe

    Matt Lowe is the kind of technophile who’s drawn to the invisible, buzzing background of what makes technology work. That includes things like networking and security, two of the areas in which he... more

  • Colin Armstead

    The next wave of IT professionals is learning about cyber security and studying ways to make data more secure. We sat down with Colin Armstead, a recent graduate of the ... more

  • Nic Mann

    Nic Mann is an exceptional IT multilinguist because he’s also fluent in the language of business and management. He wanted to hybridize his expertise, combining computer science with business... more

  • Arvin Tolibas

    When he looks back on his experience in the ITI Program, Tolibas says he was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and expertise his instructors brought to the classroom. “They share on-the-... more

  • Mohamoud Egal

    Mohamoud realized a degree from the ITI program would prepare him for life after college better than any other area of study would.

  • Esper El-Melhem

    Esper El-Melhem tells why the ITI Program is a perfect fit for tech enthusiasts.

  • John Fite

    John Fite has served in the US Marine Corps, taught English in Japan, and indulged his nerdy side through work in the IT field.

  • Josh Dyba photo

    A childhood love of computers leads to an IT security career

  • Timothy Church ITI Student

    The CCE Centennial Scholarship eases the stress of paying for college