Inter-College Program Profiles

  • Dan Jackson

    Dan Jackson worked with his adviser to wrap his mind around the ICP individualized degree, then set forth writing his proposal for what he wanted to accomplish. That proposal translated to a... more

  • Mandi Wordes

    For Mandi Wordes, the secret to living a good life is cultivating a healthy body and mind. Now she is about to graduate from the Inter-College Program's Health & Wellness track so that... more

  • Maria Arboleda

    Maria Arboleda is passionately committed to her work in the Twin Cities’ Latino community. In fact, in her own words, she’s “married to the community.”

  • Vanessa Feils

    When Vanessa Feils (‘08) discovered the Inter-College Program (ICP) at the end of her freshman year at the University of Minnesota, she breathed a sigh of relief and began... more

  • Aislyn Keyes

    For shark conservationist and biologist Aislyn Keyes, every week is shark week. Find out why she loves these sharp-toothed predators and why you should, too.

  • Lamin Manjang

    Lamin Manjang realized he wanted to pursue a career in nursing after a family trip to his mother’s native Liberia in 2012, the summer before Lamin’s freshman year of college. For Lamin, this... more

  • John Yang

    On Monday morning, Yang puts away the qeej and prepares for work at the U of M’s Community-University Health Care Center where he works as an Interpreter of Hmong. Having graduated... more

  • Hannah Brandt

    “Growing up, hockey was just something fun to do. I guess it was in high school that I realized I might be able to go somewhere with this,” says Hannah Brandt, co-captain of the U of M Golden... more

  • Alex Leeds

    Five years ago, Alex Leeds had no plans to attend college and waged war with his parents over the issue. This spring, he will graduate from the College of Continuing Education with an Inter-... more

  • Anthony Osifuye ICP Student

    "After working in a grocery store in high school, I knew I wanted a health and nutrition focus to my college studies and eventual career. I saw customers who would come through with mostly... more