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The College of Continuing Education's dedicated, experienced advisers will help you match your goals to the full range of options available at the University.

Ready to take the next step?

  1. Read the Academic Advising Syllabus for a general idea of what to expect from your adviser.
  2. Attend an ICP Information Session, if possible.
  3. After you've attended an Information Session, submit the ICP First Advising Appointment form to help us prepare for that first conversation.
  4. Schedule an advising appointment by calling 612-624-4000.

Early Referral to Faculty and Departmental Advisers

Many departments that offer ICP areas request that ICP students meet with a departmental adviser early in the process of constructing their degree, before the student drafts a proposal. While early referral is not always necessary, it is up to the department to make this decision. ICP advisers may facilitate early referral to students at the individual's first meeting.

For Faculty and Departmental Advisers

Faculty from departments and colleges across the University serve as faculty advisers for ICP students. It is recommended that all faculty and departmental advisers read the ICP Faculty and Departmental Adviser Handbook. The handbook is intended to help advisers interact with students during their first meeting. For more information, contact Jennifer McCormack, CCE director for Undergraduate Individualized Degree Programs; 612-625-8062;


Amy Burger Sanchez

Amy Burger Sanchez

+1 612 625 8028
Adviser, Inter-College Program and Credit Certificates
Josh Borowicz photo

Josh Borowicz

+1 612 624 6852
Adviser, Inter-College Program and Multidisciplinary Studies
Karen Moon photo

Karen Moon

+1 612 626 4558
Adviser, Inter-College Program and Multidisciplinary Studies
Karolyn Redoute

Karolyn Redoute

+1 612 624 5897
Adviser, Inter-College Program and Multidisciplinary Studies
Bob Danforth photo

Robert Danforth

+1 612 624 0251
Adviser, Inter-College Program
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