Career Outlook

The outside-the-box thinking that characterizes Inter-College Program students makes them highly desirable candidates in the job market. They find careers in areas such as finance, health care, business, and education, and many decide to go on to graduate school.

Graduate Outcomes

The experience and expertise gained here result in sought-after positions around the country. Below is a snapshot of information we collected about our ICP alumni in the first year after graduation (figures are averages of the years 2009−2014).

Paid employment: 72%
Closely/somewhat related to major: 78%
Additional education: 15%
Median income: $36,148
Very/moderately satisfied with job: 71%

Here are just some of the positions ICP graduates were able to secure:

Marketing Account Executive Practical Nurse
Healthcare Administrator Special Education Teacher
Investment Analyst Director of Development
Marketing Assistant Bank Examiner
Medical Records Specialist Clinical Research Coordinator
Merchandise Specialist Commercial Credit Analyst
Health Education Coordinator Community Habilitation Specialist
Principal Talent Acquisition Specialist Construction Manager
Process Designer Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Project Manager Pharmacy Technologist
Quantitative Analyst EMT
Senior Financial Analyst Graphic Artist
Supply Chain Leadership Associate Human Resource Specialist
Technical Account Manager Information Technology Specialist
Mental Health Worker Massage Therapist
Certified Nursing Assistant Medical Technologist
Clinical Assistant Pilot Trainee
Community Outreach Coordinator Primary Care Navigator
Emergency Department Technician Private Investigator
Supply Chain Analyst Research Assistant 
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