Certificate Requirements

Total credits required:   

  • 18 for one specialization
  • 24 for two specializations

Core Courses

These core courses help build foundational knowledge and skills required for professional interpreting (read descriptions):   

  • TRIN 3001 Introduction to Translation*   
  • TRIN 3101 Introduction to Interpreting   
  • TRIN 3102 Consecutive Interpreting*

*Bilingual writing samples must be approved before taking this class.

Specialization Courses

These specialization courses help improve your interpreting skills through practical exercises and study of terminology (read descriptions):   

  • TRIN 1201 Health Care Terms and Concepts for Interpreters   
  • TRIN 4201 Interpreting in Health Care Settings*


  • TRIN 1301 Legal Terms and Concepts for Interpreters
  • TRIN 4301 Interpreting in Legal Settings*

*Bilingual writing samples must be approved before taking this class.

Elective Courses* (Choose one)   

  • LING 1701 Language and Society   
  • LING 3001/5001 Introduction to Linguistics   
  • COMM 1102 Introduction to Communication   
  • COMM 3411 Introduction to Small Group Communication   
  • COMM 3451W Intercultural Communication: Theory and Practice   
  • SPAN 3107W Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Linguistics   
  • TRIN 3002 Intermediate Translation

*Substituting another relevant course is sometimes possible.

Other Requirements   

  • 2.0 or better cumulative GPA   
  • C- or better in all certificate courses   
  • All certificate courses must be taken on an A/F grading basis.    
  • Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) for your second or “B” language with a score of Advanced-Low or better. If you do not receive at least an Advanced-Low in the OPI, you will have to wait at least six months to retake the assessment (and pay for the assessment again). Please contact the Program Director, Dr. Scott Homler at homle003@umn.edu to schedule the OPI during or after you have completed TRIN 3102 Consecutive Interpreting.