Jennifer Hall

ICP Degree Concentrations: Ojibwe Language, Social Justice (Heritage Language Stewardship)
Scholarships: Julius Nolte-Harold Miller Scholarship, Karin L. Larson Interdisciplinary Education Scholarship, and WCA Gilford and Esther Remington Scholarship recipient

"I'm passionate about two main areas. The first is the Ojibwe language, an endangered tribal language in Minnesota. The second is social justice, especially as it relates to language diversity. I think both issues can only be understood and improved when you work with society as a whole system. I was so happy to discover the Inter-College Program because it gave me a great opportunity to blend both of my passions into a unique, fulfilling course of study.

I've always had an affinity for languages. Ojibwe, in particular, is close to my heart because it's also a part of my heritage. It is a beautiful language, but endangered, and I wanted to be a part of the efforts to revitalize it enough so that it comes back into daily use. As for a whole-systems perspective to social justice, I became interested in it because I think it has a lot to teach us about solving systemic problems instead of reacting to the symptoms of a broken society.

The goal with my degree is to be able to use the principles of whole systems healing to learn to evaluate the myriad factors that have contributed to loss of the Ojibwe language and respond to them in a way that would hopefully have a lot of leverage in support of revitalization.

I know it's somewhat of a unique combination, but I feel like it will be immediately applicable to my career goals and future plans. After graduation, I can see myself developing materials for immersion programs, teaching, or helping adult students learn how to speak it. I see my degree preparing me by giving me a foundation in Ojibwe...and for providing me the tools to think critically and work within a wider frame of reference when dealing with the issues facing language learners.

CCE has given me the flexibility to study in areas like Ojibwe, whole systems healing, anthropology, and education. This means that I'll graduate from the University with a unique degree that has given me the tools I need to be successful in any area I choose. It is a great program and has opened up many doors for me."

Jennifer Hall ICP Student
"Jennifer came to CCE as a transfer student and has immersed herself in the study of Ojibwe, working closely with faculty. I've watched her consciousness as a preservationist for native languages develop... She will make a significant contribution to her chosen field." --Karolyn Redoute, ICP adviser