LearningLife offers a wide-ranging, innovative portfolio of high-quality noncredit offerings for those who seek learning experiences that are academically rigorous, intellectually challenging, and both personally and professionally enriching.

Taught by University faculty, and scholars and professionals from the community, LearningLife’s roster of short courses, seminars, and one-day immersions are an invitation to take part in rich, meaningful experiences that highlight the knowledge resources of the University within a community of engaged and active learners.


Webinar: Youthful Living at Any Age

In Western culture the words “resilient,” “vibrant,” and “connected” are most often equated with youth, but these characteristics are not solely the purview of the young. In fact, there are many ways to preserve a strong memory, a healthy brain, and a vital life as we age.

Join LearningLife on January 24, 2017, when we join forces with the University Alumni Association to present this webinar that explores how to infuse your life with vigor and vitality, no matter your age. 

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Experts agree that global food production will need to double by 2050 in order to feed the world’s population. So, Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It?

Join us February 2 when Dr. Jason Hill will discuss global food security and sustainability, as well as how students are learning how to develop innovative solutions to this and other grand challenges. Learn More...