LearningLife offers a wide-ranging, innovative portfolio of high-quality noncredit offerings for those who seek learning experiences that are academically rigorous, intellectually challenging, and both personally and professionally enriching.

Taught by University faculty, and scholars and professionals from the community, LearningLife’s roster of short courses, seminars, and one-day immersions are an invitation to take part in rich, meaningful experiences that highlight the knowledge resources of the University within a community of engaged and active learners.


Meeting the Brain

In recognition of Brain Awareness Week (March 13−17), LearningLife joins forces with the University’s Department of Neuroscience and the Brain Conditions arm of MnDRIVE to present this unique opportunity to consider and celebrate the human brain. The day will include lectures, illustrated presentations, video, and brains-on activities led by four of the University’s finest neuroscience researchers and educators. 

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You've read the headlines. Unfortunately, the question is not if your information is going to be accessed or stolen, but when.

Join us March 2 when cyber-security specialist Mark Lanterman will discuss recent high-profile cyber-crime events