Career Outlook

At a Glance

  • 13% of Minnesota jobs are in manufacturing.
  • New vacancies in all sectors are being generated as baby boomers begin to retire in unprecedented numbers.
  • 85% of these emerging manufacturing jobs in Minnesota will require advanced education, with 20% requiring a bachelor’s degree. 

Source: MN Department of Employment and Economic Development

About Manufacturing Operations Management

In the emerging global marketplace, revitalized and high-tech manufacturing continues to be the core sector propelling the U.S. economy. Constant innovation and quality improvement in both processes and products are essential for its survival.

Technology is viewed broadly in this cross-functional, interdisciplinary curriculum, with a focus on how it is integrated across the manufacturing enterprise. MM’s key themes are

  • manufacturing processes and technologies;
  • quality engineering and process improvement;
  • global supply chain management;
  • additive manufacturing;
  • regulatory compliance;
  • innovation;
  • global business technology;
  • business and human dimension.

Graduate Outcomes

CCE graduates aim high. The hard work and expertise gained here result in sought-after positions around the country. Below is a snapshot of information we collected about our MM alumni in the first year after graduation (figures are averages of the years 2009-15).

Paid employment: 87%
Closely/somewhat related to major: 79%
Median income: $56,811

Here are just some of the positions our graduates were able to secure:

Lead Designer Quality Engineer
Area Supervisor Logistics Management Associate
Process Development Engineer Technical Product Manager
Operations Manager Manufacturing Engineer

Career Opportunities

Individuals with experience in production occupations, combined with the knowledge this program provides, will have the best prospects of moving into positions of responsibility, such as:

  •     Operations Project Leader
  •     Supply Chain Manager
  •     Materials Manager
  •     Production Planner
  •     Operations Analyst
  •     Operations Manager
  •     Production Supervisor
  •     Quality Auditor
  •     Quality Manager

Additional Resources

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