Manufacturing Operations Management Profiles

  • Matt Brauer

    Matt Brauer sets a high bar for himself, and he refuses to lower it. That high bar was the reason he decided to pivot away from a profession that was unsatisfactory to him, transitioning into a... more

  • Jon Klinger

    Jon Klinger took an internship at an industrial cleaning equipment manufacturing company and ended up saving up to $5,000 per week in operational costs. Read about how Klinger went from aspiring... more

  • Cho Zin Thant

    Cho Zin Thant grew up in Yangon, Myanmar surrounded by stacks of heavy three-ring binders, each one containing volumes of columnar papers and manually written records. These meticulously kept... more

  • Ony Mgbeahurike portrait

    When Ony Mgbeahurike joins the team, the team wonders how it ever functioned without him. He’s just that kind of guy, with that kind of “let’s do this” energy. From his time on the U’s... more