Requirements and Courses

Work with your adviser to construct a plan with 120 semester credits to earn your Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Manufacturing Operations Management (maintaining a GPA of 2.0+). Students all take the same core courses (below). 

Your plan also will include Liberal Education (unless you've completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at a MNSCU institution) and Writing Intensive requirements plus lower division course work in calculus, physics, chemistry, communications, statistics, and accounting, among other areas.

While you can transfer credits from other institutions, 30+ of your 120 credits must be at the U of M, including 24 after admission.

You need not be admitted to register. If you would like suggestions on the best sequence to take courses, an adviser would be happy to talk with you.

Core Courses

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Designator Title Credits Offered
MM 3001 Manufacturing in a Global Economy 3 fall, spring
MM 3205 Engineering for Manufacturing Operations  3 fall
MM 4011 Design of Manufacturing Systems and Simulations 3 spring
MM 4012 Manufacturing Processes and Technology  3 spring
MM 4035 Global Supply Chain Management  3 fall
MM 4039 Manufacturing Outsourcing Decisions  2 spring
MM 4045 Regulated Industry Compliance 3 spring
MM 4102 Manufacturing Operations 3 fall
MM 4201 Quality Engineering and Process Improvement 3 fall
MM 4311 Sustainable Lean Manufacturing  2 spring

MM 4501

MM 4596



Internship (take @ 3-4 credits if MM 4501 is not taken)




every semester

ABus 4022 Management in Organizations  3 every semester
ABus 4023W Communicating for Results  3 every semester
ABus 4043 Project Management in Practice  3 spring
ABus 4101 Accounting and Finance for Managers 3 fall, spring

Technical Electives (8 credits required)

The following is a sample of technical and applied business electives you could choose to fulfill the 120-credit requirement. Other related 3xxx or 4xxx courses may be substituted with department approval.

Designator Title Credits Offered
MM 3305 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 3 spring
MM 4550 Special Topics in Manufacturing 1-3 fall, spring
ABUS 3510 Communicating Virtually Across Global Teams in Applied Business Settings 4 fall
ABUS 4012 Strategic Decision Making and Problem Solving 3 fall
ABUS 4013 Legal, Ethical, and Risk Issues for Managers 3 fall
ABUS 4041 Dynamics of Leadership 3 every semester
ABUS 4151 Innovation for Leaders and Organizations 3 fall and spring
ABUS 4515 Strategy and Management for a Sustainable Future 3 fall and spring