Master of Biological Sciences

At a Glance

Level | Graduate/Master's
Credits | 30 minimum
Degree Requirements | Plan B or Plan C Options
Admission | October 15, March 15

The Master of Biological Sciences (MBS) is a uniquely flexible graduate program designed to meet the needs of working adults seeking to advance their expertise in a particular area of modern biology. The program enables students to learn new job skills, change professional emphasis, or provide added value to their present job. The program structure includes both classroom and online coursework, seminars, and directed research.

Why Choose the MBS?

  • Flexibility—You can pursue your degree on either a part-time or full-time basis. Both Plan B (research project) and Plan C (coursework only) program options are offered.
  • Course Options—You can select among courses offered by multiple colleges within the University, including the College of Biological Sciences, the Academic Health Center, the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, and the College of Continuing Education.
  • Customization—You can design a program of coursework and directed research tailored to your professional goals. Possible areas of concentration range from the molecular to the environmental biosciences.

Learning Goals

The aims of this program are to help you:

  • master a body of knowledge in the biological sciences and have a thorough understanding of the scientific method and its application
  • locate and critically evaluate the primary literature
  • communicate scientific information effectively in both written and oral forms
  • understand the necessity and importance of bioethics in science

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