FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Once I receive my letter of acceptance from the Graduate School, what do I do?
Congratulations! Now it's time to schedule an appointment with an MBS academic adviser. During your first meeting, you and your adviser will discuss your particular goals as an MBS student, and what courses you'll register for as you begin your program. You are also encouraged to attend an orientation session that will be scheduled prior to the start of your first term.

Do I need to start classes in the same term I have been admitted?
Yes. New students are expected to register for the term for which they have been admitted. If you would like to defer your start date, contact the MBS office.


Is advising available?
Absolutely. Advising is a key cornerstone of the MBS program, and we encourage admitted students to work closely with their adviser to determine the right educational path. Our two experienced advisers are also happy to meet with prospective students who have submitted our brief pre-advising questionnaire.

Who will be advising me during my program?
Your MBS academic adviser will provide program advising throughout your degree. If you choose the Plan B option, you will also work with a faculty mentor in your area of concentration on your final project. More than 100 bioscience faculty at the University of Minnesota are currently members of the MBS Graduate Faculty.

Can I have a final project mentor who is not a member of the MBS Graduate Faculty?
Not at this time. The final project mentor must be a member of the MBS Graduate Faculty. However, a faculty member can be added to our graduate faculty if they are willing to mentor an MBS student. Contact the MBS office for further information.

Degree Program/Courses/Transfer Credits

Can previous credits I have earned elsewhere be used toward the degree requirements?
With approval, yes. Graduate-level course work completed at the University of Minnesota or any other accredited institution can satisfy some of the degree requirements. Contact an MBS adviser if you have any questions about your previously earned credits. Graduate credits earned outside of the MBS program are transferred into the MBS program when a student's Degree Plan is approved.

How long will it take for me to complete the MBS program?
The average time to complete the degree is about 3.5 years, but you have up to five. If you need more time, you can petition for an extension. You can attend on a part-time (less than 6 credits per term) or full-time (6 or more credits per term) basis. A few full-time students have finished their program in just over one year. However, many students take one class per term.

Tuition/Financial Aid

What are the current tuition rates?
If you are an admitted MBS student, you pay MBS tuition rates. For current rate information, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

What are my financial aid options?
While the MBS program doesn't have graduate assistantships, there are several options available to you to help make your education more affordable. Visit the College's Financial Aid page for more information.