MBS Profiles

  • Nate Mylrea

    Nate Mylrea combines hard science with soft skills as a team manager at Pace Analytical.

  • Grant Barthel

    Grant Barthel left a solid job at the Mayo Clinic to pursue a graduate degree. Soon after he earned a Master of Biological... more

  • Melisa Pesha with medal after a race

    Melisa Pesha joined the National Guard after college and found an unexpected calling while serving her country in Iraq. ... more

  • Faiza Aziz

    Even in her formative educational years, Faiza Aziz knew she wanted to study the biological sciences.

  • Ashley Fetch

    Ashley Fetch knows guns. Her work at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension involves quality assurance, ethics, and the safety, history,... more

  • Jeff Fagerlund working in the lab

    Someday we may all benefit from the cutting–edge antibody research of Jeff Fagerlund.

  • Cale Nordmeyer head shot

    “I’ve always loved the microscopic world. I don’t know how you can go out in nature and not be enthralled by the diversity that... more

  • Kanut Laoharawee

    Fascinated by bugs, plants, and animals as a child, Kanut Laoharawee would crush leaves in his hands simply to see them crumble and to... more

  • Sebhat Gebrechristos1

    What do beer, yogurt, and bread have in common? Aside from being snacks you can make at home, they all benefit from optimal fermentation... more