Master of Liberal Studies

At a Glance

Level | Graduate/Master's
Credits | Minimum of 30
Track | Self-designed, interdisciplinary
Degree Requirements | Courses and Electives
Schedule | Evenings/Saturdays/Online
Admission | October 1 (for spring), March 1 (for summer and fall)

The Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) program gets at the heart of liberal learning, encouraging breadth of vision, growth of broad-based knowledge, use of complex ideas, and development of skills in communicating, integrating, and synthesizing information. Within this context, you can build your program around intellectual themes and give it a career flavor. The MLS is considered a writing-intensive program.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

As an MLS student, you learn to connect the perspectives and methodologies of more than one academic area in order to study a topic or answer a question that cannot be addressed by a single discipline or profession. You might combine the humanities and health care, for example, or business and philosophy, or artistic expression and politics.

The degree spans several disciplines and only requires a few common classes, so you can choose virtually any combination of subjects to create an individualized program of learning. You’ll receive a high-quality education that draws on the expertise of our innovative faculty and leverages the broad, graduate-level curriculum of the University of Minnesota.

Designed for Flexibility

Liberal Studies seminars and workshops are offered evenings, Saturdays, or online. Other courses of your choosing can be taken during the day or evening.

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