MLS Profiles

  • Amber Cleveland

    Taking multitasking to the next level
    How did Amber Cleveland juggle school, a full-time job, three companies, a hip hop festival, and a teaching gig?... more

  • Betsy Barnum

    Picking up where she left off
    Besty Barnum returns to the classroom and finds renewed determination to pursue her goals.... more

  • Jes Reyes

    Carving a unique pathway to success
    Jes Reyes is the art equivalent of a player/coach, creating original pieces while managing others' exhibits.... more

  • Kyle Tran Myhre (Guante)

    Spreading social justice one beat at a time
    Hip hop artist Kyle Tran Myhre (AKA Guante) turns art into activism through performances, recordings, and his work with schools.... more