Sample Specializations

Mill City Museum, Minneapolis

Design Your Degree with Arts and Cultural Leadership Specializations

Working with an adviser, you will select courses from academic departments across the University of Minnesota to curate a self-designed specialization. Required curricula blended with flexible electives allows you to build a program around your strengths, experiences, and career direction.

Potential specializations include:

Culture, Place, and Community Leadership

Arts and cultural organizations, as well as artists, increasingly are taking leadership roles impacting the physical, social, and economic well-being of people, neighborhoods, and cities. Known as creative placemaking, arts-led regeneration, and other names, leaders are needed with an understanding of complex systems that help communities thrive.

Museum Leadership

Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations of all sizes require capable, innovative leaders who can navigate increasingly complex environments while appreciating the unique role such organizations play in making a difference in their communities. This focus area puts you in direct contact with current leaders and prepares you with a range of essential technical skills and policy information.

artist making a screen print

Organizational Leadership

Students seeking meaningful roles in the institutional, interpretive, educational, or public engagement practices in the museum field can take advantage of the University of Minnesota’s Museum Studies Minor by completing it as a focus area within the ACL degree. With this specialization you can seek ways to serve as a leader among the wide spectrum of artistic, cultural, historical, scientific, and other topical fields addressed by museums.