Degree Requirements


All prerequisites associated with courses included in the student's program must be completed as part of the degree requirements unless exempted in writing by the instructor for the course and approved by the student's adviser and the DGS prior to taking the course. In addition, depending on the specific courses included in the student's program, some additional prerequisite course work may also be required over and above the 30 graduate credits required for the degree.

Course Program

Credits  Topic
15 credits Horticulture Courses
11 credits Related field
4 credits  HORT 6002 Capstone

  • The student's course program must
    • include a minimum of 30 semester credits. A maximum of 9 credits total at the 4xxx level may be applied toward the program. 
    • be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and MPS Steering Committee.
  • In general, all horticulture core courses must be taken A/F. Excluding the Capstone Course (Hort 6002 Problem Solving in Horticulture), a maximum of 3 credits taken S/N may be applied toward the minimum requirements for the degree.
  • A maximum of 3 credits of Hort 5090 (Directed Studies) may be applied toward the minimum horticulture core course requirements; additional credits may be taken over and above the minimum requirements.
  • Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.8 or higher. Only coursework for which the student has earned a grade of B- or better will be counted toward the minimum of 30 semester credits required for the degree.
  • The Capstone Course Hort 6002 Problem Solving in Horticulture accounts for 4 of the minimum 30 credits required for the degree and is not considered part of the horticulture core course requirements.
  • Students who have not completed relevant introductory coursework in soils, plant pathology, and entomology, either during or subsequent to completion of their bachelor's degree, will be required to complete courses in these areas as part of their MPS degree requirements. These courses are not prerequisites for admission to the program.

Note: To remain active in the program, students must register for a course each term (not including summer). If you are unable to take a course or Directed Study, you must apply for a Leave of Absence or be discontinued until you're ready to resume your studies. (See policy and form.) Contact the program office at to determine next steps.

Transfer Credits

Up to 12 transfer credits, with a grade of B or better, taken prior to admission, may be used in partial fulfillment of the student's program requirements. All coursework transferred must have been graduate level (post-baccalaureate), taken for graduate credit, and completed no more than 3 years prior to admission to the program.

Course Plan

Before 15 credits or 2 semesters have been completed, the student, with the DGS recommendation, must submit a course plan to the DGS for review and subsequently approval by the steering committee. The steering committee may recommend revisions to the program as needed. An approved program may be amended if the student submits a petition, approved by the DGS, and the steering committee.

Hort 6003 Internship Option

The Internship Option provides students with an opportunity to gain professional experience in horticultural firms or governmental agencies. This experience enhances students' abilities to apply their conceptual knowledge to real-world problems and to communicate effectively and professionally. It also introduces students to potential horticultural careers.

Discuss this option with the MPS-Hort staff and your internship adviser; once you have the internship set up, complete the Internship Agreement and Plan. Upon completion of the internship experience, please complete the Final Internship Evaluation, and ask your employer to complete the Final Internship Evaluation - Employer. All forms should be submitted to the MPS-Hort office. (Offered every term; 1-3 credits)

Finishing Your Degree

Hort 6002 Problem Solving in Horticulture

Intended as a capstone experience that integrates the knowledge gained from coursework, personal research, and the student's academic and professional experiences. Enrollment is limited to students who have completed 18 or more credit hours of their required 30 credits, and accounts for 4 of the minimum 30 credits required for the degree. These credits are not considered part of the horticulture core course requirements. (Offered every fall; 4 cr)