MPS in Horticulture Faculty

The Department of Horticultural Science provides the departmental home for students pursuing the Master of Professional Studies in Horticulture. In addition to teaching many of the courses specified in MPS-Hort students's program plans, Horticultural Science faculty are also accessible to students as internship and directed studies supervisors, as program plan advisors, and as career mentors. MPS-Hort students also routinely take courses from faculty in other departments across the University, most notably in Soil, Water and Climate; Plant Pathology; and Entomology.

The following link provides a list of Horticultural Science faculty names, their research specialties, and contact information. Selecting their name will take you to their profile page with more detailed information. The best way to contact a faculty member—to inquire about an upcoming course they teach, to arrange a Directed Study, etc.—is to send a brief e-mail message to them with "Master of Professional Studies-Hort" noted in the subject line.

Department of Horticultural Science Faculty web site

Mary H. Meyer, Director of Graduate Studies, MPS in Horticulture

As DGS, Mary supervises and coordinates the program, guides and improves the educational experience, and serves as a liaison among students, faculty, staff, and administration. She received a BS in ornamental horticulture from Clemson University, an MS in ornamental grass taxonomy from Cornell University, and a PhD in plant breeding and genetics from the University of Minnesota. She is professor and extension horticulturist at the U of M Landscape Arboretum and chair of the board of directors of the American Society of Horticultural Science, 2014−15.

She can be found at 424 Alderman Hall, 1970 Folwell Avenue, Saint Paul campus;

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