Tuition and Fees


Tuition at the University of Minnesota is assessed according to your student classification and program, your residency status, and whether you come from a state or province with which the University has a reciprocity agreement. In addition to tuition, you may be charged fees based on a variety of criteria. If you are not admitted to a degree program, refer to the One Stop page for non-admitted students.

Tuition for the MPS in Integrated Behavioral Health for 2016−17:

Per credit: $780.00 (resident and nonresident)
8−12 credit plateau: $6,240.00 (resident and nonresident)

Once you register for classes, you are officially enrolled and committed to attend. You must pay for any course for which you register unless you officially cancel online or at a One Stop Student Services Center during the 100 percent refund period. If you cancel after the 100 percent refund period, you must pay for any portion of the course for which you do not receive a monetary credit.

Financial Aid

Several options are available to you as an Master of Professional Studies in Integrated Behavioral Health student to help make your education more affordable. The College of Continuing Education's Financial Aid web page contains several resources that show your options to help pay for your education, including information about CCE scholarships and other resources available.

Billing and Payment

The University's One Stop website is the best resource for information on how to pay the University.

You will not receive a paper bill from the University for your tuition and fees. An e-mail notice will be sent to your University e-mail account when your online billing statement is ready. Your billing statement shows all charges (tuition and fees, bookstore charges, etc.) to your Student Account and due dates.

If you have payment questions, One Stop counselors are available via e-mail, phone, or in person. For more information, contact One Stop.

Verification of Payment

If you need verification that you have paid your tuition and fees, you can print out your online student account information by logging in to myU (Finances).

If you plan to claim education tax credits, your billing and account information is an important reference. More information about these tax credits is available online.


You may be eligible for a tuition refund if you cancel your registration by the deadlines. The deadline is based on the start date of the term you were registered for.