Student English Language Support

At a Glance

Level: Current U of M undergraduates
Schedule: Monday−Thursday (by appointment)
Phone: 612-624-1503
Office: 20 Nicholson Hall, 216 Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

The Minnesota English Language Program offers free, face-to-face English as a Second Language support to international undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota.

Student English Language Support is designed for students who want to address a particular English language need to be more successful at the University, who have a specific question about learning English, or who need resources for improving English skills.

English language consultants provide one-on-one support for improving:

  • speaking skills for giving presentations, participating in class discussions, communicating with instructors and classmates
  • grammar in speaking and writing
  • listening comprehension of class lectures and discussions
  • reading comprehension of academic texts
  • vocabulary development
  • pronunciation
  • any other English as a Second language need!

Make an Appointment

English language consultants are available for 45-minute appointments and walk-in consultations. Please visit the SELS appointment website for current hours and to schedule a consultation.


"After visiting SELS, I feel much more confident. The consultant seemed to fully understand my difficulties. I learned the strategies of reading and involving myself in discussion. It was my first visit and I got a huge feeling of support. Thank you."

"Here is a great opportunity to talk in English without hesitation."

"I think the session is helpful because the consultant not only helps me with what I have asked, but also how I can study on my own later on."

"The people in the program are very good at asking good questions about us. The suggestions the consultants give are very on point."

"The consultant recommended more polite expressions and helped me to use more specific phrases so that readers can understand me without confusion."

"The consultant helped me to understand the assignment questions. She respectfully listened and then gave me some suggestions/advice for my writing. Therefore, I could freely talk about what I think and want to write."