MDS Profiles

  • Deanna DeMay

    Deanna DeMay had been working toward completing her Bachelor’s degree for 10 years at the time when she enrolled in the Multidisciplinary Studies program. Her primary goal was... more

  • Cory Salveson

    Cory Salveson completed his Multidisciplinary Studies degree in the spring of 2014 with a unique focus: the sociology of knowledge. It was largely due to his in-depth studies of the Internet... more

  • John Davis

    After 20 years working as a successful entrepreneur in the corporate world, John Crawford Davis was intent on higher education and enrolled in the Multidisciplinary Studies program. ... more

  • Yara Grieder

    Yara Grieder likes to keep busy: she’s a community volunteer, an enthusiastic mom, and a positive presence at work. It’s an admirable quality to be sure, but that inclination to participate... more

  • Barb Yungers

    For nine years, Barb Yungers stared hard at a graduation tassel that hung on the bulletin board by her desk at work. Functioning as a kind of dangling carrot, the tassel was a reminder that... more

  • Sarah Guy-Levar

    In 2007, when Sarah Guy-Levar became executive director of the Dorothy Molter Museum in Ely, MN, she realized the job came with a laundry list of to-dos that she was expected to tackle. The... more

  • Morgan Barklind

    Drawing on experience
    Morgan Barklind thought the task of going back to college would be overwhelming, but she soon realized that “returning students can accomplish... more

  • Ghazaleh Sadr Dadres

    Forging ahead with renewed focus
    Ghazaleh Sadr Dadres held a clear purpose when she applied to the Multidisciplinary Studies program: to someday attend graduate school... more

  • Stefanie Lefebvre

    Bringing products to a store near you
    Do you ever wonder how Target develops its specialty-brand foods from Market Pantry, Archer Farms, and Simply Balanced? It often... more

  • Alex Black

    Finding growth in the classroom and the workplace
    Already in a management position at Best Buy, Alex Black knew he'd need to go back to school to improve his... more