Student News

“After dropping out of college six years prior to enrolling in the Multidisciplinary Studies (MdS) program, I didn't feel like there was much I could do that would utilize the credits and skills I learned previously without having to start from scratch," says 2014 CCE alum Christopher Bielke.

From its very beginnings, the College of Continuing Education has been one of the standard bearers for the University's outreach mission--bringing educational and other learning opportunities to people not just on campus, but in the far corners of the state, the country, and even around the globe.

The University of Minnesota has a rich tradition of individualized, interdisciplinary study--a tradition in which the College of Continuing Education has some of its deepest roots.

"Just an old lady trying to make a change," is the mantra of a one Mrs. Margie Pederson--a.k.a. Mama P., Mrs. Pederson, and Margie.

For Inter-College Program (ICP) student and Fibiger Award scholarship recipient Wesley Brunson, spending 8-10 hours a day on a bicycle may not be the best way to "boot camp" back into shape, but it was definitely the perfect hands-on experience to add to his degree plan.