Tuition and Fees

Multidisciplinary Studies (MdS) is an undergraduate program that uses undergraduate tuition rates. Your costs will depend on the number of credits you take and your Minnesota residency status.

The 2016−17 tuition table below provides you with a starting point to evaluate your cost per semester.

Enrollment Level MN Resident Non-resident
Per credit (if you have made a request to be exempt from 13-credit policy) $482.54 $854.24
13-credit flat rate (13 or more credits) $6,273.00 $11,105.00

Additional fees may also apply. For more information, see Costs and Tuition on the University's One Stop website.

Financial Aid

The College of Continuing Education's Financial Aid website contains several resources that show your options to help pay for your education.

Billing and Payment

The University's One Stop website is the best resource for information on how to pay the University.

You will not receive a paper bill from the University for your tuition and fees. An e-mail notice will be sent to your University e-mail account when your online billing statement is ready. Your billing statement shows all charges (tuition and fees, bookstore charges, etc.) to your Student Account and due dates.

If you have payment questions, One Stop counselors are available via e-mail, phone, or in person. For more information, contact One Stop.

Verification of Payment

If you need verification that you have paid your tuition and fees, you can print out your online student account information by logging into myU (Finances).

If you plan to claim education tax credits, your billing and account information is an important reference. More information about these tax credits is available online.


You may be eligible for a tuition refund if you cancel your registration by the deadlines. The deadline is based on the start date of the term you were registered for.